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D30, D44, C8.25/locker, wheel adapters etc. (MD/VA)


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I've got a few things I've been looking to sell:
98 29 spline chryco 8.25: needs new pinion bearings, u-bolt yoke, yukon 4.56, open-$150
Powertrax 8.25 29 spline locker: about 2 years old, currently in the above axle-$200, will sell still in axle for $325
8.25 29 spline spare shaft:$40, if the axle gets parted out, will have 2 more
Spidertrax wheel adapters: 5x4.5 to 5x5.5, 1.25" thick, just over a year old-$70
1979 HP Dana 44: out of a F-150 (cast wedges), 3.50's, great condition, no shafts/knuckles/stuff, just axle and gears-$60


98 HP Dana 30: has Alloy USA exterior axle seals, trackbar drop bracket, banged up pretty good, no gears in it-$35, $50 if I leave the good ball joints on it (may cannibalize over turkey day break)

9" disc brake brackets:I think nissan calipers were used with it, zuk 5x5.5 discs included-$10 pictured on axle below:

also have a stock 9" carrier, 1 radius arm, stock 9" yoke, a drivers side high steer Dana 44 knuckle (with studs) and some other crap. Lemme know if ya want somethin. All located in Bel Air, MD but delivery may be possible along I-70 or I-81 (I go to Virginia Tech)
how much for the knuckle/studs shipped to 01826??

i need just the pinion yoke from the 8.25. still have it?