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Cutting Trans output shaft

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I am getting a rubicon express 3.5 inch lift kits with full leaf springs. I have a 231 and a D35. My question is can i just cut the output shaft like 2inch or whatever it is and then just buy a new driveshaft? I heard they make kits which allow you to do this for like $50 plus driveshaft this way i don't need to but a SYE. Also whats involved in taking out the Output shaft? Are there any bearings that need to be pressed on etc or any special tools needed? Thanks
Your a little confused on this,what your talking about is a SYE kit.The "Hack/n/tap" kits do not require case disassembly.The price depends on the year,to 96=180$,97-0n is 80$.They do require a new driveshaft!
i understand...

I understand that the SYE and cutting the shaft are two different things. What i meant was that i want to know whats involved in removing the stock shaft so i can get a nice cut with my band saw. I also wanted to know if the cutting was a good substitute for the SYE.
Is what you are thinking that you can trim the output shaft and run a longer driveshaft? If so than that will not work, it is the depth into the xfer case that limits length, not output shaft length. At 3.5" you may need a drivshaft or a SYE...try it, if you get vibes than look at a SYE.

Watch out for the "cheap" SYE kits....They suck. Why? First, you are "bolting" ( with a 5/16 fine thread "bolt"-- any factory flange attachment is with a minimum 3/4 inch thread--even on a dana 30) your new flange to splines that a slip yoke was sliding on. They are worn. You will have slop in the fit between the new and old parts. Thin viscosity fluid will leak out on ascent angles. the slop in fit will eventually break the silicone seal between the splines (Liquid Gasket is spec'd in the instuctions)

Second, you cut down your exsisting shaft to leave only one inch of spline left- most performance yokes have almost double that.

Third, there is no going back - so get the real SYE kit, swap the ouput shafts, and run a real yoke back there not some overpriced, non-bearing supported temporary "fix". Besides the cost difference is only about 100, if you shop around.