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couple of noob ?s

buster cherry

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sin city
couple of ?s 1.about intake upgrades, i have a 03 intake manifold that i want to put on my 91 cherokee is there any thing i need to watch out for? or is it straight forward enough that common sense get me through..2. at the same time i am going to upgrade to a pacesetter header..same question, also will putting that exhaust heat wrap stuff help with under hood temps or cause more problems than it is worth..thanks in advance buster
last year of cherokee was 01....unless u mean from a grand cherokee
last year of cherokee was 01....unless u mean from a grand cherokee
the 4.0L was used until 2006 in the wrangler

To answer the original question, yes there are a few things to look out for. First and foremost, do a search in the street and performance section it has been done a number of times and theres a lot of good writeups on it. I don't know what injectors you're using but they might need to be changed. Also, the belt tensioner setup needs to be changed out becuase they changed it in 95. Make sure you check the fitment of the manifold and header onto the cylinder head, I did the same swap you did on my 96 and the front of the manifold interfered with the header and I had to grind some material off. You might need to find a new spot for your MAP sensor, and change around some vacuum lines, and maybe relocate some other sensors (i dont know what a 91 looks like).

Word to the wise about pace setter... they are cheap for a reason. If you do some searches on them youll find some things out. Mine didnt fit AT ALL! They are made shotty and it shows. First, the two outlets of the header were about 1/4inch farther apart than the two inlets of the downpipe. THEN the downpipe hit my bellhousing. THEN it missed the exhaust hanger by about 4 inches. THEN it pointed the cat and muffler up at the body so it would rub if I actually did get it together. THEN you have to plug the EGR port with a plug that doesnt exist (i called like ten bolt mfgrs and visited a bunch of hardware stores), so you have to figure out how to plug it yourself. To top it all off, they totally skimped out on the header flange. Its THINNER than a STOCK tubular manifold! So to get around their cost cutting they send you these cheesy stepped washers so you can still bolt on the thinner header flange and the thicker intake manifold flange with the same bolts. I eventually got it to fit, getting past the header/downpipe fitment with rubbing on the bellhousing, missed exhaust hanger, and mis aimed cat, and cross threaded brass plug for the egr port, but when I started it there were a number of exhaust leaks and rattles. I sent it back and got a refund. WHAT A JOKE. Plus a few people on here have said the downpipe and header actually come apart after a while becuase of the cheesy exhaust clamps. A lot of poeple have had better luck with the APN header. Do a search for it too.

Check out magnaflows high flow cat, and dynomax cat back. I think you can get the latter for just over $100 now.

Let us know how it goes and feel free to ask questions\
Good luck
the intake did come from an 03 grand, i'll skip the header wrap,and take my time with the header ..thanks