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Colorado Living


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I am re-locating to Colorado in June and am trying to figure out where I want to live. I'm a school teacher so I will live where ever I can find a decent school system. My other requirements are:
-I'd like to have some snow and sunshine(in St. Louis we just get slop and gray days all winter long).
-I don't want summers to be as hot and humid as Saint Louis.
-I am hoping to start as a fly fishing guide after I fish my brains out for a few years so I need to be near good water (rivers, high mountain streams and snow melt lakes).
-4X4 trails would be cool. I just got my Jeep a year ago b/c of this move and I'd like to explore the high country.
I would be happy in a place like Salida but my wife needs a little bit bigger city. She digs Gunnison. We initially did not like Durango but are now reconsidering. We think we could both find good work that pays about what we make now. Real-estate seems pretty good. We could live in some of the smaller towns like Cortez or Mancos and still be close enough to Durango. Can any of you give input on that corner area?
Gunnison is probably at the top of the list but if I can't find work in their school district then I'm hosed.
Durango might be a strong alternative. I DO NOT want to live in the heart of Durango. I do not want neighbors right on top of me. I would like to live several miles outside of town where I could ride my mountain bike to work or an enduro bike. Please help. TIA.

Might wanna ask this in teh CO chapter forum! :cheers:
Good idea. I re-posted this. Thanks.