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CoFest pre-run?


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Golden, CO
anyone interested in heading down to BV in june to pre-run some of the CoFest trails?

i'm thinking maybe the weekend before or after father's day.

let me know if you're interested and we'll make some plans...

hightimes2 said:
are you running chinamans or carnage or both

neither... i've run chinaman's before, and i'm not setup to run carnage. ;)

i haven't looked at a map yet, but was thinking of these trails (from led's list):

Grizly lake M
Iron Chest M
Wheeler lake M+
Left fender D
Mine sweeper D

...haven't wheeled any of the above.

you in? :D

depending on date and time I will be in. I've done wheeler before but that was about 4 years ago and I've always wanted to do Iron chest.

I'm not set up for carnage either :bawl: but soon I should be :)
If the snow is gone, the Taylor Pass and Pearl Pass loop is awesome, if long. A stocker can make it, but it is bouncy and very tiring. Didn't get to run French Creek last year.
old_man said:
If the snow is gone, the Taylor Pass and Pearl Pass loop is awesome, if long. A stocker can make it, but it is bouncy and very tiring.
But if you dont have front gears; you're gonna break your jeep....like I did.
("Oh sure, come along... you can do Pearl/Taylor in 2 wheel drive..."- NOT!)
jrsxj98 said:
is Pearl/Taylor on the trail list this year?

i don't see them on led's list, but even if they are i'm not planning on running them at this
pre-run, since i've done both before... that's not to say others couldn't. :)

you thinking of joining me justin? :thumbup:
Poss. I told led in april I could do some pre runs for him. I have ran Tincup, hancock, taylor, several times, was thinking about Iron Chest. most of the high mountain pass mentioned above wont open until july or later.
good point, i hadn't thought about snow... so maybe it should be that last weekend in june.
with this kind of weather though, we may be wheeling higher sooner than later!

anyway, i'm gonna pull out the atlas and hit up 4x4trails and get a sense of exactly where
we're talking about.

tincup, hancock and tomichi will probably be ran as a loop since they all are basically together. Iron chest is on the road to hancock. leftfender and minesweeper are over by salida area.
post up some dates what your thinking I will join in for the fun too

june 24, 25 and maybe 26.

looking to run the difficult (and/or medium) trails from led's list. probably camping at chalk
creek or somewhere nearby.

more details later.

who's in? :D

I'm new to NAXJA but I'm willing to go on some of the pre runs. My Heep should be back to gether by the first week in June. Let me know P.M. or email me [email protected]
so who's game?


plan is to go out friday (24th), hopefully wheel later that day (grizzly?), and
saturday (iron chest?), then head home early sunday (26th).

blanca eh? ...hmmmm, i've never done that trail. ;)

PM details if you're looking for company.