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Co Spgs. I OWE LED $$$ please buy my stuff

colorado offroad

NAXJA Forum User
colorado springs
all sorts a stuff here we go!!

82 ford step side( LED doesnt want it) 302, t-19, 208 t-case, ford 9 rear,needs front clip. 500.00 obo

10lb co2 tank filled and ready to go(this does not include guages)100.00obo

3-35 inch bfg at old style 40.00 each(good for spares)

ford 8.8 trac lock(limited slip)for 3.73 gear ratio(have 3 of them) 100.00 ea obo

4 stocker 235's for rollers make offer.have 4 aluminum stock rims also

and the best for last!!
2000 husaberg 400FE dirt bike in awsume shape!! scared the Shit out of Led when he rode it down the street. just serviced for this years riding season . 3000.00
Give me a Call 1(719)271-2339 Alan (btw if i sell the husaberg Led don't get any of that money):):):)
I know it aint much incentive , but Leds been workin out Lately, and now he Knows where I live!!:) :)

Btw the 82 ford was going to be a rockcrwler prjct. until i crossed over to the Dark Side ( alittle Star Wars plug) i picked up a 90 cherokee (full cage and ugly as hell). :)