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clunk noise after installing SYE


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I installed an Advanced Adapters SYE kit and got a new custom driveshaft from Six States. I noticed this behavior after installing the kit. While the rear driveshaft was being built, I drove a limited amount on just the front driveshaft, and noticed a pronounced clunking noise that got faster as I accelerated. Once I put the rear driveshaft on and ran it in 2wd again, there was no noise. I put it in 4wd with both driveshafts in, and the noise was there again, but not as loud as when the front driveshaft was pulling it all by itself. If I remove the front driveshaft and put it in 4wd, there is no noise. I took the front driveshaft in to Six States (which they also built) and had them look at it. They said it was fine and that both U-joints were fine. I'm at a loss. Anybody have any ideas of what it could be?
Check the nut on the front yoke that connects the front driveshaft to the transfer case. If it has come loose, the yoke could be sliding on the front output shaft and banging into the transfer case making that clunk.
I'll definitely check that, but I know I torqued it when I first installed it and I had the problem immediately after, so we'll see. Anybody else have any other ideas of what it might be?
Check the front axle U-joints.Sounds like a classic example.
i went wheeling yesterday and could run in 4Hi fine but when i put it in 4Lo i got a noise like you have in the t case. i am going to check that nut today. I ran in 4Lo like two weeks ago and it ran fine no noise. anyone know anythig
your U-joints might look fine when you visible inspect them, but have you checked the angle they have to soak up in the front? If it is too much, they can bind and make that noise. If you take the driveshaft off you can't see anything. It is the angle when it is on that makes the difference.
First question: Are you sure it wasn't there before?

If the answer is yes then: When you had things apart did you remove the big collar off the center hub on the main shaft in the case? The hub where the chain goes on. If you did remove it, it might be on backwards and not allowing the linkage to work correctly and the hub collar is hitting the chain or the locking teeth aren't connecting correctly. The squared off notch goes towards the rear of the case and the sloped side goes towards the front of the case. I've seen this before and even done it myself when I'm not paying attention.

Also check the front output nut like was already said, check back one also.

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I just install a RE 4.5 superflex kit and when I have in 2wd it drives fine but when I put it in 4wd it clunks real bad what should I look at for the problem>?