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Central Cali guys! and random jeep sighting....


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I am ganna be having a wreching day if anyone wants to use facilities or anything. Even if not, come buy and tell me how bad I am messing up! Oh yea, I saw this grey 4 door today. It was turning off of 168 onto Abby/Blackstone. It was being towed by a loder extended cab dodge. Umm anyone know who this might be???? Black rims, looked like 33s or 35s. JW.
care to have a new guy come by and help?
talk jeep and maybe drink a few?
lemme know.

i think i saw the same rig in the tower district about 2 weeks ago.?
not for sure yet
Yea, come buy! I finished my bedlining today. So I outa be out there tommarow after about two. Um who are you guest???