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Can you identify this bolt/fastener?


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I've managed to damage the head of the bolt that fixes the horseshoe shaped clamp to the speedo drive module on the transfer case (NP 242).

I cannot find the part number or size of bolt so can anyone help please?

I've got a photo with the bolt circled but dont know if it'll upload as this is my first attempt at posting a phot - fingers crossed! :helpme:

Final Q (if photo loads) - what is the sensor below the speedo input (2 wires)?

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I happen to have a 242 sitting in the garage. A 5/16-18 threads in there nicely. The hole depth on mine measured 11/16ths, so a 3/4 is going to be very close to bottoming out without a washer under the head.
...and this is why i became a forum member :clap:Thank you so much guys - it's really appreciated.
My parts guide says it's 0180 077 (Screw, Speed Sensor). Search on the part number I get:

Part Description Bolt Hex Head 5/16x18x3/4


The sensor below is likely the transfer case indicator

Spot on - here's a photo of new bolt in situ.
And yes, sensor below VSS is 4WD sensor (aka 'Mode' switch)

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