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Can you help me diagnose my vacuum readings?

You may have a bad brake booster. How are you checking for leaks? What year is it?
As far as checking for leaks I’ve sprayed some carb cleaner around and used my little propane torch. I was gonna buy a cigar otw home tomorrow and try that way
It’s a 1988. Also forgot to mention I did a compression test. 125,132,132,140,148,125.

I’ll check the brake booster when I get home thanks
Those numbers certainly are not "healthy".
Update!! Found the problem

UPDATE. Found the culprit! EGR valve
I went around messing with things and pinched the vacuum to the EGR valve. Idle improved and pretty much fixed it. Vacuum gauge shot up to 16 @idle.
I capped off the vacuum line and it’s been running pretty good. I know this isn’t the right way to roll so anybody have an idea what to do?
I don’t think they make EGRs for Renixs anymore.
Do I just block it off??
Is the remix egr on ported vacuum or solenoid control? If ported, the source hose connected to the wrong port may cause this issue.on a similar note, a leaking control solenoid can cause the same thing.

If you don't have emissions inspections, just stick with blocking it off.
Renix is solenoid operated. However, there's a transducer that operates on back pressure.

"EGR Valve W/Integral Backpressure Sensor
Calibration is accomplished by use of different diaphragm spring loads and flow control orifices. This integral type unit combines EGR valve and backpressure sensor functions into one component. Restrictor plate is required with some engines.

Exhaust gas exerts backpressure inside exhaust manifold whenever engine is running. This pressure is conducted through hollow pintle stem into EGR diaphragm control chamber. If this pressure is great enough to overcome spring tension against diaphragm, diaphragm is moved against bleed valve and exhaust gas flow begins."

Solenoid is on the driver side fender (first pic). The EGR and transducer in the 2nd pic. The hard plastic lines are pretty fragile given their age and easily crack/break.


New EGRs are almost impossible to find.