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Arrowhead Point Campground

We are in group site 3.


The rate will be $9/nite/person. This is a campground that likes us! They don't take complaints about noise very seriously. :) There are trees in the group area.

We will be having the dinner Friday night in the Pavilion. Lots of seats, it's covered, it has grills if we decide to use them.

We should have a trail schedule up sooner than later.

See ya there.
Someone asked me yesterday, if we need to reserve our own spot or is that covered for the whole group?
If you are staying with the group, no. It's a good size area for tents. If you have a trailer and want a trailer type site, then you do have to make a separate resy. Or if you want a cabin.

I'm slow, so you have to work with me a little. I don't have to warn the campground that I'm attending, I just need to show up at group area 3, with $9/person/night?
Just show up. Go the office and pay them. It's a group site, so you just pitch a tent anywhere there is room.