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Calling Mike in NJ


NAXJA Forum User
Cocoa, FL
Hey, Mike, could ya/would ya bring a handfull of the NAC stickers with you to Moab please? I'll commit to 2 minimum.
I've got reservations @ Slickrock CG beginning the 6th, but will most likely be there a day early. Was there a bit over a week ago on my way to Nevada, met up with Danno, XJulie & friends, had a great time.
Looking forward to seeing ya'll from the right coast again ~~ only 6 1/2 weeks to go!
No problem Don, ole buddy, I'll have plenty of NAC stickers along! :)

Looking forward to riding with you again, especially since you couldn't make NACFest and I had to bail out on CO. I'll be there on the afternoon of the 4th, so be sure to hook up when you get in (I'll be in the same corner) - got a few trails planned to pre-run before the event gets started on Tuesday.

5 1/2 weeks for me!

Mike in NJ