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bump stops


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sorry for so many newbie questions but im trying to replace the springs in the front. the rubber bumpstops have been removed and i cant see how the new hard plastic bumpstops from rubicon express are installed. seems like they are the same length as the originals. plus the bolt that was supplied with them is not long enough to reach up and in. any help would be great. thanks again
do i keep the original ones on and have to drill out the spring perches to install the new bump stops on the lower spring perches. this is once again on my 00 xj with 3"lift
I'm for sure but I thought RE's bumpstops were mounted on axle perch. I just drilled and mounted hockey pucks.
Where do you live in Cinci.? I'm in Fairfield.
What does your XJ look like? Rensing
If I ever get this lift installed it will have 3" ome lift with 30x9.5's. Other than that its bone stock. White 00xj. Im off Beechmont Ave. coming from 275. If I ever get this thing on the road again we should hook up and wheel.
Sounds great boss!! How much do you still have to do to finish? Are you going to need any help with alignment and such? I'm a mechanic and my shop is in Springdale, close to Gateway Tire. Need anything let me know! Rensing