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Brake pad glides


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alberta, canada
On the front brakes of my Cherokee there are no brake pad glides. The pads sit directly on the cast steel caliper anchor. I'm used to seeing shiny steel glides for the brake pads to slide smoothly on on other vehicles. Is this normal for Cherokees?


Just got oto Rock Auto's website. Looks like I need an "anchor repair kit" and a brake pad installation kit.
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I'd love to see if anyone has glides for the XJ. Where my pads sit is grooved out beyond belief. I got a set of those little clippies (the repair kit you speak of) with a set of pads, but they did me no good, as where they sit was too far gone. Some have welded up the grooves with pretty good success.

I thought I still had the vehicle info in my sig.

It's a '96 4x4 sport.

The pads are starting to where into the anchor.

Yeah, weld up, grind down process.
many pad sets for the XJ now come with clip-on glides now, examine the pictures on rockauto and you'll see what i mean......its about time though, jeez