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Brake hard lines: fitting sizes at master?


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In an RV
I have a 95 wrangler master cylinder in this 88 XJ I bought over the weekend (it uses wrangler brakes throughout).

It has no hard lines in it between the master cylinder and prop valve. What size fittings and line should I use there? It looks like it would accept 3/16" inverted flare line, but I can't figure out the fitting sizes I would need. We called every shop in our area and everyone says bring in the prop valve and the master and see what works. I have done that at three shops that told me to come by only to then tell me they can't do it. I'm tired of playing tag and was wondering if anyone knows the answer off the top of their head? ;)

*Sets fire to head*

I used calipers and measured them. Came out to a 1/4" on the front output and 3/16 on the rear if anyone else hasa similar problem.