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Black Ooze coming out near Front u-joint


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Everytime I lower the front axle, black/greyish ooze comes out of the driveshaft.


Is this just oil? If it is, theres a zerk fitting just a few inches up on the shaft that I can inject more oil.

I'm in the middle of a 5" lift install. Just started the front this moring. Its goin very slow...So far i got the both shocks off, both coils out, drivers side control arms unbolted.

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That would be grease. The front DS has a slip joint that requires grease to maintain good operation.

All the little nipples you see on TREs and CAs and such are grease czerks. You fill these with a grease gun.

Wil Badger said:
holy crap whats with the jackstand up front on the skid plate.i hope that isn't supporting weight like that.
Oh crap!! That's definitely NOT the way to do it!! Get that jackstand under the frame NOW before you allow yourself or anyone near that thing. Larger wheel chocks would actually be a good idea too - that little 2x4 isn't doing anything to hold the wheels in place :lecture:

Edited to add: That's a normal thing you're supposed to have on any driveshaft. Once you fill it, the grease has to have a way to escape. Ask me what happens when there's no relief hole in the driveshaft...
Wil Badger said:
holy crap whats with the jackstand up front on the skid plate.i hope that isn't supporting weight like that.

WOW!!! no kidding please tell me that is not supporting the vehicle. If so I wonder if this guy has ever heard of the Darwin awards.
First of all, Thats NOT supporting any weight. My friend just put it there :-\ I got 2 jackstands on the frame just behind the crossmember. Which I wasnt to easy about because there is still a lot of wieght in the front, and having the rear already lifted, theres not a whole lot of weight on the back. Worst thing that could happen, is that the weight in the front will over come the weight in the back and use the jackstands to tee-ter totter[sp] on and cause the whole thing to move forward. I've though about this before I started to work under it. I told my friend that and he was the one that put the other jackstand on the skid plate. I was gonna put that jackstand on my front bumper to help support the weight, but its not tall enough to do it...
I know about the wheel chocks...I got a 4x4 block on wood somewhere. I'm gonna go find it now..

And I've read a book of Darwin Awards... Those are pretty funny.

p.s. and I got the e-brake pulled just a tight as i can get it...
At school there was a guy that jacked up a car with independant front, put jackstands on the control arms not quite far enough out so the control arms were tilting down and werent flat on the stands . The instructor stoped the guy before he on under it. While talkin to the instructor, the guy lightly put his hand on the car and both the jackstand slipped off the control arms and dropped the car to the ground...
We've gone over safety and I cause caution when I'm under that thing....
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