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Best place to buy RK stuff?


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Goshen, IN
Hey there. I am building another XJ, my last build was about 2 years ago. At that time about the best place to get stuff was DC4WD if you could deal with him being super slow...So I bought the 3 link kit from CreaseyOffroad for crazy cheap, and bought the track bar from DC. Since then there has been a price increase, and I see DC is no longer in business. So I ask the question where is the best place to buy RK stuff in relationship to the best price? I am going after another long arm kit, and track bar. Was very pleased with everything but the krawler joints which will be replaced with johnny joints...I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks.
i live 20 minutes away from RK and a few of them are in my local club...

getting my 3 link and x-factor steering this winter.. im lucky with them so close and the hook up factor :)
Yeah I got my last kit before the price increase in 07 I think it was, and I got mine from Creasey Offroad for $453 shipped to my door. If $525 was since the price increase that should be about the lowest price. Thanks for the tip!