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Best Place for Aftermarket F250 seats.


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Ok, my dad bought a used 99 F250 (little does he know that its the XJ's future towrig :laugh3: ). Anyway, the bench seat is way sagged on the drivers side from the previous owner sliding in and out of the truck. Instead of getting them reconditioned, I suggested getting some nicer aftermarket units.
I've seen them in other trucks with office consoles and such built into the centers, but I don't remember the brand or where to get them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I tried JC whitney online but their site is on the fritz.
There is a local business here called Quandt's Supply that might be able to help you out. He deals with take out stuff. Stuff taken out of new vehicles, he buys alot of it off of conversion companies. They've got a website but I would suggest calling and talking to them directly. I did see some F250 seats on the site. HTH
I don't know if he has any aftermarket stuff or not. Might be worth a call. Just trying to help...