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Banks Torque Tube header - Front driveshaft clearance


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I installed a banks torque tube header on my 01 XJ to replace the cracked stock exhaust system. The header installed fine, and the down pipe installed fine (this model has the two part precats).

The issue I'm running into is the down pipe/precats end with a flange that connects to the intermediate pipe just below the transmission housing and where those two flanges meet is extremely close to my front driveshaft (like half an inch). There’s also a grease zerk right there that will most likely be sheared off if the front suspension compresses. Is this minimal amount of clearance normal? I remember the stock exhaust being much more out of the way and closer to the diff. All of the parts I bought are Banks Power components that say they’re a direct fit.

Jeep mods that may be impacting this:
- Swapped out low pinion d30 for a high pinion (higher driveshaft connection)
- IRO 6.5” longer lift
- IRO subframe crossmember where intermediate pipe hanger connects
Yea I feel your pain and have come to despise the 2000-2001 dual precat design. Had this exact issue a few weeks ago when I also upgraded to the banks header on my 2001 during my head swap. My front DS actually hit the flange when flexed out wheeling recently.

Not proud of this...but I used a ratchet strap to bend the downpipe/flange more towards the oil pan. Hooked the strap around the downpipe/flange area at one end and the other end around a control arm on the passenger side. Tightened it until it permanently bent and gave the necessary clearance. I fixed it the wrong way but it worked and doesn't leak.

Also interesting observation about the high pinion, as I also have a HP axle. I wonder if that's the reason why they changed to LP in 2000.
Innovative solution with the ratchet strap, I’ll keep that one in my back pocket if things come to it. I don’t think it’ll clearance the DS at the current angle it comes down at.