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Bald Mountain 5/28/05


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Second attempt at Bald with some of the guys from our local SWB Jeep group. Bald is still a snow run, but another week of high temps should clear up the main trail. Still quite a bit of snow a mile or so before/after the trail head although we busted it up quite a bit. Lots of vehicles getting stuck there going up (Broncos, stock Rubicon and an out of state XJ with a broken ARB compressor). After that, scattered patches on the trail. We only went as far as Hollywood/V-rock, but I understand the trail was passible to the tower (the back side of Bald is still loaded with snow). Didn't see anyone getting stuck going down.

All of the deep holes on Snot hill have been filled in. V-rock is stacked on the left side (if it wasn't there last year). Still patches of snow in the sheltered areas of Hollywood.

Pics of the XJ guys from Ohio stuck. They broke their winch cable trying to get themselves out. They were 4.56 open/open due to a compressor problem, 5" lift and balding Boggers. They ended up turning around. Saw three other less built XJ's working on the snow obsticle).








Introducing the Rubicon Factory Snow Plow (AKA TC Skid)!




Full pictures of the trip (if you like SWB Jeep, Bronco and Yota's) at:
http://www.ham-radio.com/kr7o/jeep/bald mountain 052805/
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Looks like fun! You think next weekend it could be cleared up a little? I have thought about going there but didnt want to have a stuck fest with my toy buddies.

Another week of heat (and all the Memorial Day weekend traffic) and most of trail will probably be clear even for stockers. There will still be plenty of snow to play in tucked in around the rocks. I hate snow runs, but when it is 80 degrees outside a little snow is refreshing.