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Axle flip on trailing arm setup?


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I had been looking for a cheap set of TJ 6" rear coils to lift the suspension on my trailer 3" without much luck. My other option is to flip a replacement trailer axle to under the trailing arms.. does anyone see a problem with that i hadnt realized?

John, is that a picture of the trailer you are wanting to flip the axle on or is it just an example? That looks like the back half of a late 60's/early 70's chevy pickup suspension...

Either way, you should be able to flip the axle with no problem, unless its one of the trailer axles that has the 'camber bend' in it. Then you could still flip it, but you would have to cut off and reweld the spring/arm perches on the opposite side of the axle.

Other than that, there shouldnt be issues.

~ James
Thats mine, and it's exactly what you said it was..


We finally found the gent who gave this to Dad and we can get a new title now. I had been holding off. I'm thinking i might pick up an axle and get this usable for Sept as cheaply as possible. I'm also thinking about checking the bearings, replacing fenders and run it as is for now. Eventually i think i'll make a new frame for this.