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ax-15 vs. ngv 3550 anyone have both?


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Help, I need some Qualified opinions on the +/- of the AX-15 5spd. vs. the NGV 3550 5spd. I have a 99 XJ that came with a AX15 that can double as a air raid siren. Yes it has the correct MOPAR GL-3 lube the factory uses,but the former owners took it to jiffy lube and the trans recieved some of the generic sycro bearing eating stuff. I want to replace this AX-15 with a NGV3550 as Iam told this is a direct bolt in replacement used in 00,01 Cherokees and TJs BUT is this tranny any good? ie. noise, shifting,reliability? Has any had both transmissions? many many thanks Dirk
I have all three -- a Peugeot BA-10/5 in the '88 XJ, an AX-15 in one of the MJs, and a 3550 in a 2000 XJ. Of the three, IMHO the 3550 is head and shoulders above the other two. Ratios are spaced out better, has a lower first gear which is an advantage if you take it off road, and the shifts are far smoother than either of the other two. It does rattle a bit when idling in neutral, but I'm told that is normal for the transmission and nothing to worry about. I have heard other people make the same comment, so I don't worry about it.

If you can get a 3550 for anywhere near the same price as an AX-15, I'd recommend it.
Eagle, thank you for your first hand experience on the AX-15/NGV3550. It helps me make an expensive choice with a lot more info. again many,many thanks! naxja. is the best. Dirk
3550 for a 01 xj

I can get this trans new in crate for $1650.00 plus shipping!