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ax-15 question


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I noticed there was a small bolt that was loose on the tranny when hooking up the wiring on my engine I just put in. I couldn't get the bolt to ti\ghten down so I took it out and the spring behind it fell out and of course when the little steel ball fell out I lost it in the dirt. Damn it. Who can tell me what this thing is. THe screw or bolt whatever you want to call it takes a star bit to tighten down and screw is about 1/2" in size. Steel ball appears to be about 1/4" in size. Anyone know the best way to get another one. Can I test drive my new engine without this in or should I replace it before a short test drive?

I won't be back until Friday, going to train. Got to love the Marine Corps and 125 degree souther cali
Detent and Interlock......

That is what they are called. I would not do a thing till it was back in. There are several of them in the transmission. These hold shift rails in place I believe. I hope you have not shifted it any. If these move inside the tranny you will most likely have to pull the tranny and open it up to get it back in line.
Find a big magnet and fish around for it, we just had our roof done about a month ago, I picked up a 'magnet on a stick' at home depot to find any errant roofing nails before they found any of our tires. I was amazed at the amount of bolts, nuts, washers, springs and other stuff that it picked up. Even found a spring that fell off my berretta single shot trap gun that I lost 5 years ago, rusted but still works.