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Automatic Trasmission Rebuild - What to Replace?


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Encinitas, CA
Hi All,

I have a 1992 XJ 4.0 4x4 with AW-4 auto tranny and tow package. My AW-4 has 400K good miles on it and it still works fine. But with all the miles the time will come soon when the AW-4 dies. I've gotten enough miles and would rather rebuild AW-4 before it dies on the trail.

I plan to have a local transmission shop do the rebuild. I want another 200K miles from this AW-4 and I'm not too worried about expense.

What parts should I request that they replace?

I'll get the list started:

All seals
The neutral safety switch


I never seen a reputable replace less than everything! But add the torque converter.
My thoughts is this would not be the time to choose a partial rebuild only to possibly have to go back in a year from now and do it all over again.
My goal is not to simply cherry pick the transmission to just replace a few of the parts. Instead, I want to be sure that everything that can be replaced is replaced. For example the NSS might not be replaced if the transmission rebuilder sees that it is still functional. But I want an new NSS and I am willing to pay.

I intend to take my shopping list to the transmission rebuilder and ask for a cost estimate.

So, what in a AW-4 transmission should be replaced to bring the transmission up to factory new?

Get a good AW4 Master Rebuild kit (hopefully one with no, or the fewest, Made In China parts) and have a qualified shop install all of the new parts in you tranny.