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Arb twin compressor location


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I’m pulling the trigger on this compressor. The folks who have it, where did you put it? Seems too big to put under the rear seat, just looking at the dimensions online.
I have seen them mounted in the cubby hole in passenger side rear quarter panel. For me Id cut out the cubby for even more space. I got a single arb compressor and it sits in the driver side rear quarter, not as much space on that side due to the gasoline filler, but the smaller compressor does fit there. On my passenger side I use the space for storage, I cut out the cubby hole and added a cover.
ps it take me 4:15 minutes:sec to fill a 33x 12.5 tire from 12 psi to 30 psi using my single compressor, my friend with the dual compressor can fill that same tire in 2:15 . so an extra eight minutes for me to fill up four tires with the smaller compressor! . he also has smaller tires (31 inch) and dont air down as low, so he usually fills one or two of mine when he is done filling his as we travel together.