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Anyone successfully done EVAP delete


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So I have a P0443 code today and looking at the cheapest parts to replace the EVAP Purge Solenoid and Pigtail will probably cost $65 after shipping and taxes to the UK. My solenoid is probably OK but I don't have a spare in any case.

Then I started thinking... why do I need the extra complexity of EVAP anyway? As long as my tailpipe emissions are within legal limits and the CEL is not illuminated, my Jeep will pass the emissions test.

I reckon I need a 48w 36 Ohm resistor to fake the presence of the purge solenoid to the PCM. I would need to vent the fuel tank to atmosphere presumably. But what to do about the LDP (Leak Detection Pump)?

Anyone done an EVAP delete without causing CEL to be illuminated or DTCs.
This was my experience with a 99 XJ.

There is a large bore "s" shaped rubber hose coming off the LDP. I capped that. Now the LDP would pressurize just the s tube. No leaks so the light would stay off.