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Anyone loose an AW-4 ?

Xtreme XJ

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Hey All:
I'm about to blow my AW-4 with less than 100K on it ?..... Afew months back thought I was having problems (slipping in OD) so I went to friend & he said I had lost a sprage & it was in need of a rebuild. The next day it was fine & felt strong. Now I have a sound coming from mid. vehicle on the underside. It sounds like a fan blade making contact with a fan shroud, I can't get it to do it while sitting still only under acceleration.
Any thoughts or ideas? I do take good care of this trans. so I feel maintance isn't an issue and I run a huge cooler.
Curt (Xtreme XJ)
P.S. It's a 96, 4.0, 231, AW-4 with about 95K miles.
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Hi, i also have a bit of what seems like slipping in OD.....when i am crusing and let off the gas then get back on the gas the tach revs for a sec and then it feels like it shifts back to od and then its ok......i wonder if my tranny is going out also??....let me know what u find out........Witty
Funny, The same thing happens to me when i let off the gas and hit it again. From what I understand it is the t/c unlocking and then locking back up again. This is a donor tranny with no known past, and I'm unsure at what the cause of this is.
check your tranny mount first. If you can grab the tail end of your tranny and move it around then your mount is shot.

I would also check your motor mounts because those can cause some weird tranny issues as well.
Tranny mount in mine is brand new and the motor mounts seem to be ok.
Witty & Backdraft...... Whats funny is the slipping hasn't really reappeared, I just have this sound that feels like it's right in the center of the rig.
Fat XJ: I'm positive it's not the mounts..... I replaced both within the last 14 to 16 months & I'm familar with the "knock" thats associated with the trans. mount.
Oh Well ! time to spend my flare, front bumper & rocker money on a rebuild.
Thanks for the ideas......
Curt (aka Xtreme XJ)
what kind of fluid are you using? i highly doubt you would need a rebuild already at less than 100k with routine maintanence done to the trans. thats just unheard of with any AW4. You sure its not just searching like most aw4's do between 3rd and OD? Check your fluid, if its got a brownish tint to it and you see little tiny metal particles in it than ok, you might some bad clutches in it, if the fluid looks red and clear with no particles than i dont' think your clutches could be going. As for that noise you could have a piece of dirt or something caught in one of the torque converter fins, try to flush out your trans and replace it with GM certified Dextron III.


As far as mine goes, the tranny fluid is normal, bright red. Im also using pennzoil dextron III/mercon.