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Any Suzuki Samurai owners here?


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NAXJA Member
Encinitas, Ca
My neighbors daughter is looking to buy a 1986 Samurai as a daily driver. I know nothing about these. Other than the usual, is there anything specific she should be looking out for when checking out this vehicle? It's bone stock with 125k.
Going back to '86 is it going to still be carbureted?

I knew a guy who had one and it was a constant struggle to get it past smog. He loved the thing, and had done a bunch of stuff to it (gadgets and gizmos, no lift or bigger tires), but finally gave up and bought a TJ.

I think rust was also part of the issue. His was a tin-top. Living in coastal San Diego (Clairemont) did not do it any good.

It was a fun and capable vehicle, but he just couldn't manage to keep Kali happy. Rebuilt the carb, replaced the cat, did everything within reason, short of rebuilding the motor or swapping in a newer motor.