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Any membership updates?

Should be sending the $$ on friday..payday:)

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Skorpyo will probably get you fixed up in the near future. :)
So what is going on with this NW NAXJA. It seems like it all died down. Are we wait on more members? Phil how many do we have now? Is there anything we can do?

So come on guys get your memberships, think of it as an investment in your rig.(you get a kool sticker):cool:
Naw, just takes time. The seed is borne, now we just have to go from there. We need to get committtment from enough people in the NW that want to make it happen... Then maybe meet a time or two... before we elect Officers, and file an application.

Not inpossible, just takes a little time. That is sort of the intent... not to have folks rush in to forming a chapter.

Spread the word.... get some folks coming here and showing interest. :)
Lord knows we don't want it too big too fast. ;) I know what comes about if that happens. :D

I think we're pretty much set up with enough folks. Let's let it incubate and let it grow a little. :)
Sorry I seemed in a rush, I just wanted to make sure the seed was germinating and not dead. Thank you for putting me at ease.

Patience, patience grasshopper learn the way of the jeeper.