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Another sound is added to the list...


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Problem... Under acceleration for 0-30 there is a metal grinding nosie that sounds like it is comming from the rear pass tire area... It has to do with something that turns because it speeds us as the jeep does.. Now it doesnt do it above 30, it doesnt do it when I rev the engine in park, it doesnt do it if I coast or am as a steady speed... It only does it from 0-30 on acceleration.... Only thing that I know of is that I was starting to get a flat on my pass rear tire and was driving arround for a couple says with only like 10psi in the tire (hey i never walk on that side) but could that affect anything?? Could it have to do with my brakes?? I have no idea when they were last replaced I just kept thinking they could be good because the car always stopped good.. Once it stopps raining I will pull off the tires and check the brakes out... But any other opinions??

Ok Well it stopped raining and I pulled off the rear wheels and the brakes look great, I epected them to be alot worse but they look like they are arround 70+%
could be anything .i doubt it is from the tire being low.could be a wheel bearing.

do you have a locker.if you do have a locker you could have done something to the locker with the low tire pressure
I've been noticing some clunking over speed bumps for the past few months. With 265k miles, I figured it was worn suspension bushings, u-joint or something like that. Went in for SMOG and discovered the Cat was bad. After replacing it, no more odd noises. Probably not your issue but the next time I'm thinking worn suspension or driveline, 'gonna check the Cat more carefully.