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AMC XJ-100


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I have been reading about Brook Stevens involvement in a large number of Jeep designs between 1940's and 1980's. One vehicle mentioned was the AMC XJ-100. Is this the 'XJ' concept vehicle?

I would like to find out more about the AMC XJ-100 if anyone remembers what it was. I can't find a picture online or much about it at all.
I can't find the reference I was reading now, but I am sure it mentioned the XJ-001 and XJ-002 as well. The section I remember was about Brook Stevens' work on the full size Wagoneer and later design work that he was doing on down sized vehicles. I remember a line after the 'XJ-100' remark that read something like 'and later became the down sized Cherokee'.

It could easily have been a misprint XJ-100 being XJ-001. I wonder if Brook Stevens did have any input into the early Cherokee XJ concepts and why AMC chose the codename XJ in the first place if he didn't.
The French automaker Renault began investing in AMC in 1979. During this period the Jeep XJ Cherokee, one of the first unibody SUV's, was designed on Renault computers, using brand new at the time Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology.

One might suppose the X in XJ 100 or XJ 001 simply stands for experimental. Not to mention it looks ugly enough to be a Gremlin concept.
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