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Alpine 9833 Wiring Question


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I am about to have my hands on an Alpine 9833 headunit to replace my dying Sony unit as was reccommended from a previous post I made. Now I have a wiring question though (sorry I am not so hot with electrical stuff). I know that because of the internal amp in the 9833 that you are supposed to run a driect power line to the battery. My question is what gage wire and what size fuse should I use? Also, does anyone have any reccomendations on new battery clamps because I am going to need a new one as I don't have any way to attach to my stock ones. Any other install device would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance.
The easy answer is to use as big a wire as you can. That said, in reality you don't need anything huge for a head unit. I always used something like 14ga. Make sure you get a quality wire though, something that is pretty limp (easy to pass through the firewall) and has a high number of strands. Monster cable or Streetwires are good. You can use an old straight piece of coat hanger to snake the wire through. If you have not cut the factory wiring harness then I would get a wiring kit from Scosche. You can get them at Wal-Mart for $6-$7 bucks, really makes life easier. PM me if you have any other questions.

No, 14 ga. is to small for that receiver.

Any 10 gauge amp kit will have everything you need (wont need everything in kit). Or, just grab some 10 gauge and a 25 amp fuse if you can.

Good receiver choice, you'll be very happy with it.
Scosche also makes a pretty trick little battery terminal, has inputs for 4/8 Ga. and a few for 10 ga wire. its only like $5 too. wal-marts the place for wiring.
i picked up thier 4 ga amp wiring kit for like $16, the wire bought anywhere else cost more than that.

make sure you make a really good ground for that head unit, youd be amazed by the difference in sound, quality and volume that a solid ground makes.