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Alcoa M/T Challenger One Piece FORGED Aluminum wheels


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A while back, when I finally decided to upgrade to 33s, it came time to decide what wheels to choose to go with them. After searching among forged wheels, since I did not want to again get cast wheels which scratch and ding easily, I found out that Alcoa was not renewing its contract with Micky Thompson, and that their entire line of M/T Forged aluminum one piece wheels was being discontinued and liquidated at discount prices. Personally, I think these are just about the best wheels around for both durability and scratch resistance----they say 4 times stronger than cast wheels. Anyway, the style I am interested in is the 16x8" Challenger, model #268422. There is an address below of a place that used to sell it but no longer does, but they still show a photo and specs. The address will probably have to be manually entered, as sometimes the link does not work. Just go to the main page, then to wheels, then to Challenger, then scroll down to the model number. The discounted price is $182 if bought individually, but the price would drop to $155 apice if the entire remaining lot of 20 were purchased at one time. My friend and I can account for 10, and we are hoping to find two other individuals who would also like to purchase a set of 5, so as to be able to purchase at the reduced price. Please contact me at [email protected] with any questions. And the address of the site to view them (but not purchase) is:

www.atpcarboutique.com/ You will probably have to manually enter the address.
They still market M/T wheels, but now they are cast, less expensive, and made by someone other than Alcoa. As always, get what you pay for.
I don't know if they continue making them for anyone else. But the best thing about these M/T alcoas is that they are discount priced for clearance. I just wish that I could find 2 others to join us in this buy.
I might be interested in 5 model #258401. That's 15x8 5x5.5 pattern with 3 3/4" backspacing. Do you get the same price if you buy 20 of any wheel, mix and match, or do you have to buy 20 model #268422?

Plus, where you located. You going to pick them up at the warehouse? Or they going to be shipped? If shipped, the wheels all getting shipped to you, then shipped to me? So I'd have to pay shipping both ways? What's the whole story?

National Tire and Wheel ( www.ntwonline.com ) sold the 16x8s you are talking about for $168, and the 15x8s I want for $149, retail price. How heavily have you check on left over stock for these wheels?

I think you would get a discount, but I do not know how much of a discount they would extend to us if we mixed and matched. I was told by alcoa that only one outlet was doing all of the wholesale sales for the discontinued line of M/T. I will check out the link you provided, maybe, if they have any leftover in stock, their prices may be better than the one I found. As far as payment and shipment, the best way to do it, if we can gather 4 of us to buy, is to inform the merchant of the names of all involved in the buy, then confirm a price among us and with the merchant, then each of us calls up the merchant individually with our credit card info, and when he gets all 4 orders, he processes the sale, and ships the wheels to each of us individually. The wheels are all dropped shipped directly from alcoa, so there is no wasted transportation. You can contact me at [email protected] with any questions.
Steve, does National still have a supply of these wheels? When I went to their site, all I encountered was the M/T cast wheels, not the forged ones.

I just checked National, and they have practically no discontinued Alcoa left at all. I will call Southwest today to ask about the 15x8 you were considering.
Steve, good news, the price dropped to $126 for model 258401, and no group buy is needed. Call Derik at 800-866-3336.

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