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i cant have them on the front and the rear... i want to be abl to drop and lift my jeep as i please... i meant for it to be broad kindof to see what everybody else did with them or what they knew about them, how they used them, etc. itz mostly for aesthetics
Most every one here that has them use them to help carry a little more wieght. I have considered using them both as main springs(no springs just air bags) and as ride hght control and helpers like ou want.
i have an old peterson's offroad mag, with a xj on 35's, full exoskeloten, 350 from a vette, and bags front and rear, NO RICE THERE AT ALL
I have never ridden in a car with airbags, but always wondered about the control...if I lower a vehicle I do so with the idea that it will handle better, but if it feels all floaty then I would be doing just the opposite...just dont know.

Air bags are a little diffrent as far as ride and handleingf but there is a lot you can do with shocks to help. My main idea is to use springs that ae going to be on the sprortcar side but ad airbags to help get it off the ground and maybe ride a little better when i'm not burning up pavement and haveing fun.
well i was going to use airbags to maybe drop it for the aesthetics but there are high speed bumps at my school so i would raise it up to get over the bump and then drop it