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Airbag Module Recall 97-99 XJ


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I got this 98 XJ last year.
I checked on jeep.com for outstanding recall's on it today.
looks like i still have a recall for the airbag control module. It says this could cause the airbags not to work or deploy during normal driving.

how many of you guys have got this done, and where is this module located? (in case i need to move some crap so the (st)dealer does not have a hissy fit)
Look under your drivers seat. If you see a box then you need to get the recall done. If you don't then it's already been done. The airbag computer gets moved the center console per the recall. The reason for the move is because of the plugs for the computer getting wet from snow, or what not, and causing problems with the system.
I've got all kinds of stuff (wiring/outlets/antenna leads/XM radio wiring/etc) under my center console...

I don't see how it would get wet under there (I don't do any extreme water/mud crossings, etc).

It'll stay there.
i had it done a couple of months ago. didnt take them too long, but they broke my shift lever. that was a fun experience. But so long as your tech is competent, it shouldnt take much more than an hour.