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Airbag light after clock spring install?


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Hi all,

I had an intermittent airbag light. Figured it was the clock spring as it commonly is. Pulled it out and tested it, and yes, one of the wires on the ribbon cable was bad. Went ahead and ordered a new one from Quadratec, installed it, started it up, and now I have a persistent airbag light, and my blinkers don't work... WTF?

I should mention that I have been doing other things while waiting on that part. Nothing with wiring specifically. However, the kid I bought the jeep from had done horrific wiring jobs on lights and the radio, and I do have wires in the dash/floor area that are separated, and I haven't even tried to find where they go yet.

My Q is: is there any wiring anywhere outside of the steering column that might effect my blinkers and airbag, or do I still have a clock spring/steering column issue somewhere?

Cheers all!
So I figured this out, but I still feel like I don't know why...

I checked all of my fuses with a continuity tester, and found that the passenger #1 25a fuse was blown. I basically broke all the connections that the last guy wired poorly, replaced the fuse, and fired her up. No more issues. Only problem is, when I lookup that fuse, its only supposed to be for the power outlet in the dash. I'm thinking that's not fully accurate...
I would suggest the original root cause was stupid stuff the previous owner did. If the symptoms persist, there must be additional wiring defects.

Fuse #1 25A Power Outlet
Fuse #2 25A Cigar Lighter
Uh, its back...

So decided I was going to work on a different problem today. Go out to start the jeep to get a baseline, and all of my symptoms are back:

-Blinkers don't work, but emergency flashers do
-Airbag light doesn't come on initially, but does as soon as I touch the blinkers
-Blower motor quits working

I immediately toned all the fuses again, inside and out. All good. rechecked the wiring, and I've disconnected and capped every mangled wire that I can currently see. Never had any of these issues before I changed the clock spring, but I'm pretty confident that was done correctly. I didn't check the continuity on the NEW clock spring. Maybe I got a dud. I have seen where the flasher module can fail, and/or the relay up under the dash. But, it doesn't sound like the symptoms are the same from things I've read. Could. I have broken a ground or something inside the trim in the steering column? I can't check unless I go out and rent a SW puller again. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears...
Did you ever figure out what was causing the airbag light to come on? I have the exact same issue after replacing the key cylinder lock. I had to rip out the plastic under the steering column and I wonder if I damaged the wiring.

97 XJ 419K