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air /fuel meter


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Ok I'm still playing with my 89 1 ton chevy with the 7.4l. Headers are going on it monday and it already has a good exaust and a good intake set up so I need to finaly put the ajustable fuel regulator on and I'm not sure what to set it at. I know you can hook up a scan tool to it and watch the O2 sensor reading to adust it but I don't have a scan tool so i was looking at getting a air/fuel meter witch i belive i can just tap in to the factory O2 sensor but I'm wondering if its going to mess with the computer during closed loop operation but it should be fine during open loop operation since the computer ignores the sensor. what do ya think?
Sorry j/k. most of the Fuel/Air mixture sensors I've heard of have there own sensor and run indepandant of the computer. Maybe there is one that uses the Stock air sensor though.....
I just built an A/F meter today and tapped it into the stock O2 sensor. The impedance of my meter is high enough it won't affect the operation of the ECU. I would expect that a good commercial unit would do the same. Make sure your exhaust manifold is good and hot before you trust the O2 sensor for any readings.