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add a leaf questions?


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Edinburg Texas
My brother has his 89 cherokee with my old lift on it sitting close to 5". It consists of a skyjacker 3" with full length add a leaf in rear I believe, and 2" RRO budget boost with shackles and spacers. The rear is sagging on his cherokee for some reason and we really want to fix this. I was thinking we should add another leaf, don't like blocks. We have two sets (I think) of cherokee stock old leafs . Do you think that we could add one of the leafs in the rear to even out the lift, and which one? We need something to even out the front or higher in the rear. Thanks for your info-----Kyle
How far is it sagging? Adding one stock leaf may only lift it the thickness of the leaf. If your brother can swing the cash I'd suggest a RE 4.5" pack. and a set of shackles of the required height to level it out to his specs. Shackles are moderatly cheap and can be bought in increaments from .5" to 1.5".

Browse the For Sale boards and see what you can find.
I assume you mean the primary spring packs are the Skyjacker 3" leaf packs?

These obviously have more initial arch than stock XJ spring packs. Putting in a leaf from a stock pack probably won't gain you anything -- or maybe (as noted) just the thickness of the leaf itself.

You should probably be looking at leaves from an old Dakota, an S-10, or maybe a YJ.