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AA HD short shaft problem...


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...yeah, another newbie gettin his a$$ kicked by his sye, sorry...

The patient: 89 Sport, 4.0, AW4, 231. About 6" up...

The progress: I got the t-case torn apart, shaft swapped out, and most of the way back together. Got the new tailhousing on, and the speedo together.

The problem: The vacuum (?) switch (that engages the front axle) however, used to mount on the side of the transfer case. Now it sticks out the back, like parallel with the output shaft. And now the line that's s'posed to plug into it is about 6" too short.

I've traced that line forward, looking for slack, and can't find any. Does AA have any sort of solution? Adapter, extension, elbow? They don't work weekends, or I'd call 'em now...

Anybody else got a suggestion?

Thanks in advance...

I just got some vacuum tubing with an I.D. the same as the O.D. of the small plastic line. It might be 1/8" or 3/16"?

I then cut the plastic lines and inserted a piece of the above to lengthen the lines.

Make sure you have plenty of overlap and use some safety wire or small zip ties to keep them from slipping off.