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99 Fuel Tank Pressure System


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Wifes 99 and friends 99 are both having intermitant check engine lights. Wifes sometimes spews a bit of fuel from around the fuel pump mounting gasket.

Neither one of us have pulled the code.....I know I need to do that ASAP, but has anyone heard of this issue with 99's? I think FlexyJoe had the same problem with his 99. He said he spent a bunch of $$$ replacing the entire fuel tank pressurization system, which I would like to avoid.

Any way to search for a TSB on this?


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I have the same problem with my '99. For the most part I have just learned to ignore it. I have noticed if after filling up the tank that if I CRANK the cap down it will go away. I did have Auto Zone pull the codes. They told me it was the rear O2 sensor. I didn't change it though cuz' I figured that the high O2 sensor reading could be a byproduct of a different problem. I am planing on changing the gas cap to see if that is not sealing properly and not allowing the fuel system to pressurize properly.HTH

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My fuel related CEL issue was caused by a crack on the gas tank where the filler neck and the tank connect. Fortunately, it was under warranty at the time, so the dealer dealt with it....