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98 XJ Remote start - no fan on acc?


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I've got a remote start installed on my '98 and have been wondering why I am not getting the fan for the A/C or heat coming on while the XJ is running without keyed ignition. The remote start sends a signal down the ACC line right at the steering wheel so all of the accessories "should" be running shouldn't they?? Am I missing a second ACC line from the steering wheel area somewhere?

Anyone know what's going on? It's not a dire problem, but I need to take my dash apart to replace a touch screen and while I'm back there I might as well make the connections to get the car heating up / cooling down while it's just sitting there without me in it.
Might be a dumb question, but is the a/c compressor actually kicking on when the A/C or Defroster are selected? If it's not, then the fan has no reason to kick on.
I think you need to select those positions on the controls when you shut off the jeep the nite before. I know that was the case with two of those remote starters I had in previous vehicles. If you had the heat/fan to 'off' they would not come on when the truck was remote started.
A/C compressor kicks on and runs in the summer, just the fan does not work in the car itself. Same with the heat, it's working just not blowing any air anywhere. Once the key is put in and turned to ACC the fan comes on like it would normally. What's the difference between running on the remote start and running with keyed ignition? Is there a second ACC wire somewhere that needs to see 12V as well?
I don't have access to my software right now to tell you the right wires but, if I remember correctly the Cherokees have 2 accessory wires on the ignition. One will run things like your radio and lights while the other powers your heat and air. Your installer should have checked for that. (I professional installed for 6 years) It can be as simple as moving the accessory output from the remote start to the appropriate wire or you can add a relay to have both wires hooked up.
Alright, confirmation!! I didn't know to look for this when I wired everything up...

Now to get undernieth there with the fluke and check it out. If you have something near by and know the colors I would appreciate it. If it's too much trouble don't bother. Hopefully I'll ave some good news sometime this weekend.
stupid ques but since youre the installer did u make sure the remote is even triggering12v on the acc wire. does this help im thinking not but im lookin
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i dont even know what happened i posted 2 wire diagrams 1hr later thats what was here not close to what i put up
i dont even know what happened i posted 2 wire diagrams 1hr later thats what was here not close to what i put up

YOu were a naughty boy, hot linking to alldata, tisk tisk tisk.... :D :D :D Their network and sysadmins probably noticed it.
ah didnt know that was frowned upon by them i see its differant than when i posted yesterday yet again
Not a stupid question at all... as it turns out I am the stupid one here. After tracking down a FSM I noticed tat when installing the remote start in a 97+ (?) you need to tie both into the keyed 12 (run circuit) and the black/orange wire (ACC) in order to get the blower motor circuit to work. Everything works like a charm now.

Thanks for the help guys.