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'98 XJ 4.0L, 4X4 auto: Length or rear driveshaft


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Tallahassee, FL
Need to know the length of the rear drive shaft ofabove-described Jeep. Box Stock NON SLE. Preferably as measured between the center of the U-joint loops on both ends. Should be somewhere pretty close to 29.5 inches.

Thanks. In the alternative, if you happen to have one for sale, reasonably priced, and willing to ship it to North Florida on my dime, well, shoot me a PM, please.
Stock Rear Drive Shaft Length

29 spline 8.25 .... 27 7/8"
1997 + D35 ........ 28 7/8"
1987 D44 .......... 29 5/8"

Drive shaft length measured from the center of each u-joint on the tube part of the drive shaft for 4.0L with AW4 and NP231.