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88 Overhead Console Wiring


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Kansas City, MO
I did a lot of looking around on Naxja and a few sites that people have sent me, but I can't seem to figure out one thing, I have an 88 Limited and when I take the console down (from a 90 via the previous owner, maybe 91) there is some factory wiring up there and nothing I have found tells me what this is. It is a single 6 prong plug that has 4 wires in it, black / pink / brown / green. Does anybody know what this factory plug goes to and whether or not I can use it when I am wiring the console up to use the temp sensor and compass?

Hopefully somebody has some ideas, I found a 6 prong connector that is down by the passenger kickpanel which leads up the A pilar to where this is, it has one additional wire in the loom which is a purple with a white strip which dead ends somewhere in the A pilar, it looks like it was connected to a brown wire and then the brown wire was cut off.

I know the previous owner did some rewiring when he changed engines on this thing but I have no idea to what extent they did, I have gotten the overhead console to work as both a dome and map lights, just need to get it wired up to work for my compass and temp sensor. Any input is appreciated.

Is the wire brown or tan? Accoording to my 89 FSM the keyless entry module has a six pin connector between the visors in the order 1 black 2 light green 4 tan and 6 pink.