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87 Cherokee Chief 2 door Survivor like new refresh with NOS parts

Red Mistress

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East TX
Bought this incredible one owner time capsule from a collector for my Red Jeep Collection.

Plan is to make it the very best I can with NOS parts, exercise & be it's keeper for awhile.

I personally cannot stand a Jeep with small tires and all my Jeeps have winches. So thinking Up country springs with 30" BFG's and Jeep Special Equipment hidden winch kit.

Also add fog lights, splash guards, receiver hitch, correct floor mats & full center console.

And change out exterior black parts for NOS.

So won't be much of a build, but I plan on documenting work here.

If you have nice parts the Cheif could use, I'll be happy to purchase. :helpme::helpme:

Without further adooo, I present Colorado Red Chief


No doubt you have been busy and you are doing a great job! :cheers:
Wow, what a find. Can't wait to see the pics as it progresses.
OMG, how do you find this stuff?
I can't read the odometer from here;
how many miles?
Thank ya'll for nice comments.

I'm a total Jeep nut, I like them stockish & modified. Although don't care for any Jeep after 2006.
Been collecting Jeeps and NOS parts since mid 90's.

Although I have looked for a nice red 91-92 Comanche for years the XJ platform is relatively new for me.

I've got a build thread on Comanche Club for 91 Eliminator which really hasn't started yet.

Cherokee Chief joins my 91 MJ and 01 XJ & 06 LJ for modern classics.

And SJ line up of 82 Cherokee Laredo, 87 J20, 67 Gladiator & 80 Sportside.

And small Jeep line of 82,83,84 Scrambler's & 84 CJ-7 & 69 Jeepster convertible.

So far only work done to the Chief is installing aftermarket Lloyd floor mats, wash it twice & change oil.
And drive it total of 30 miles.

Oh did anyone see the 90 XJ 2 door Laredo that just ended on Bring A Trailer? Sold for 13,300. It was hard not to bid on it, but NJ history and I'm out of space, kept me away.

Sweet. That is a time machine survivor! A real one in a thousand type condition no doubt.

Thanks for sharing!

Please if you can spare the time, how about some more photographs, more of the interior, engine, underside, all around? This is real eye candy. Whow, plaid seats, the bright red paint job, Cherokee Chief decal. I must see more, please!

For the love of God don't do too much to it.
Having see what else the OP does, I would not worry about what he will do to it. It will be top class.

But do put me down for wanting to see more pics.
No worries just a build that could of been done at Jeep Dealership when the vehicle was new.

Cruise control works smooth and steady ...other than if you depress clutch pedal sometimes it won't disengage the throttle, so I just use brake to deactivate. I make sure and exercise the cruise the few times I've driven her.

I'll get some interior pictures next time I dig it out of shop. Looks like nothing has ever been hauled in it.

It's so shiny... :worship: :worship:

If I didn't know it was impossible, I'd swear you travelled back in time and swiped the thing as it came off the assembly line - it looks that pristine.

I'm with the other guys - more pics as the "build" progresses highly desired.

By the way, what's prompting you to refresh the exterior black parts? They look to be in pretty good shape to me, unless there's something the pics aren't showing.
Changed to sealed Odysey AMG battery.

Pulled the plastic battery tray and it's never had acid spilled and looks like new underneath.

Note: the 87 battery hold down T bolts were too short for modern size battery.
They are 3/4" shorter than 91+ XJ bolts.

And took little drive after I let A/C run bit.