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79 Cherokee Chief..full size...10"s on 35"s SBC powered in Indiana.


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I'm selling my big 1979 Cherokee...I believe it's a chief...it has the big ol' indiana head on the dash with the red letter S on it..Frame is good...needs a grill...few bubbles on back gate...otherwise pretty solid. VERY HEAVY DUTY homemade bumpers on this...the back has 2 lights built into the bumper as well.

I'm really wanting to trade it for a nice MJ or even an XJ....Comanche or lil Cherokee.....but I'll take $1850 for it straight out. It has roughly 10"s of lift and like new 35" Courser Cross-Terrains on 10" wide alum slots. It has a pretty healthy Small block chevy in it...alum intake...edelbrock carb...msd...etc. It needs a header leak fixed and the power steering pump is loose...don't feel like messin' with it myself. The 4 wheel drive works good on it. It also needs inside door and window handles fixed...you have to roll down the drivers side window to open the door from the outside. I've been driving it back and forth to work...30 miles roundtrip..and it rides good. Gas gauge doesn't work either. I'm located in east central Indiana...47346.

My email is

trucks0 at insightbb d o t com

here it is....


i no most people do but man i cant get let her go that the wifes truck and i would get killed you no what i mean. plus you dont want its only 2 wd
Yea....some idiot on there started saying nice jeep...it'll be expensive to fix all that suspension damage....? WTF? He lives like 8 states away...so I know he doesn't know this Jeep...and...there's nothing damaged on it...everything's done right.

He must be a stock suspension/drivetrain worshipper or something...anyways...the moderator closed the thread cause I ripped him back...so I said to hell with it. It's on here...Pirate and JU...
I wanted to do exactly what you did. Almost got a nice Chief but the guy I wanted to ask about it got rid of it or something. I want that Cherokee so bad, I wish I had the money for it.