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700r4 by jet on 4wd.com

it's probably out of an s-10 or designed for one. I don't know for sure but i have heard the s-10 t-cases will bolt up to our trannys so i would assume vice versa. i think getting the th700r4 to bolt up to the 4.0 would be the part to worry about. Sorry for the hijack but if anyone knows more about hooking up a th700r4 to a 4.0 please let me know!!!

I have an S-10 and a XJ both with the 231.

The 231s are not swappable, due to mounting stud pattern differences.

You're MUCH better off getting an S10 231 for the 700R4 swap. The AA adapter is something like $400. Then you may well have input spline differences, etc, etc.

Best to just get a 231 from a S-10 Blazer of similar vintage as the 700R4. It's also got a stronger chain <1.25" wide instead of the 1" wide Jeep chain> and chain cogs.

Plan on the adapter plate to mount the 700R4 to the 4.0 costing another $300-400. I've already researched this stuff, see... ;) <I have a 700R4 in my garage I'm not sure if I am going to put behind a 4.3 in the XJ..
Very cool thanks for all the info, the only reason i thought that was because i pm'd somebody on here and he said he used a s-10 case behind his tranny although i don't know which tranny he was running.

Well if i can just find a donor blazer ill do that, i was interested in dropping a 350 in because i only have like 3 laying around collecting dust. But i found a 94 jeep 4.0HO for sale. Its a complete 2wd jeep that was hit from behind so im gonna hopefully pick it up for around 500. But it still would be sweet droping in a mild 350.
not a problem, gents.

I've got a 4.3 in the Blazer with only about 20K on it <replaced it in 2002>. I am considering putting a 350 in it running TBI to keep the swap simple, then eventually going to TPI.

Then, in the meantime take the 4.3 and put it in the XJ.

I'm a GM guy at heart, and I can read the GM ECU with my laptop realtime so I have a lot easier time troubleshooting things, and can also burn my own EPROM chips for the computer.
Yea im a gm guy too( i have a gm seatbelt tattooed accross my stomach)....haha...im running tpi in my camaro, its good if you have money to actually to put it to its full potential...Im actually swaping to a carb setup to keep things simple and see what i can get out of it with a carb.