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6" lift questions


NAXJA Forum User
I just bought my first xj last week. I have an 82 Jeep Scrambler that I can now retire and of course tear into again and rebuild. I am looking at putting a 6" lift on my xj. Is there any type of lift that you guys recommend? I am looking at the 6" Tomken lift, the rock ready lift is just to expensive. What else is involed in putting on a 6" lift kit. I am wanting to run 33 x 12.50 tires. My xj is a 97 and in great shape so I don't want to cut the fenders. Also what type of gearing would you recomend for the 33's. Any respose would be greatly appreciated. I am not planning to do any hardcore four wheeling with the xj. It is just something to drive for hunting and to the lake on weekends.

Thanks in advance for you help
If you are not planning on doing any hardcore four wheeling then a 6" lift is overkill and way more expensive than you need. A 3" lift and 31's is incredibly capable in the hands of a good driver.

There are tons of manufacturers that make lifts and everyone has their own opinions, I would also compare Rusty's and Rubicon Express.

Installing the lift is fairly strait forward for anyone who is mechanically inclined and has a good set of tools (Metric). As well as the 6" lift you need longer break lines, maybe a longer e-brake cable, most defenetly a Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) and driveshaft and most likely a new steering set up just to get started.

I would really consider starting with a smaller lift until you decide that you really want it taller.