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$.5- 5 inch lift


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New London, MN
I can not go any taller than my truck is now due to my deployment related injury. I am running a POS Rough country 4.5 kit. It handles like my wife on her first date, and wears out the track bar on a quarterly basis. Plus I have been tape measured by the law 3 times this summer.

I want a little softer riding kit iwth the same hight but in long arms for the improved control. I need to retain enough rear spring rate to still tow a boat ( there seems to always ne one of them behind my truck weither it be fishing, duck hunting of going hella fast boats).

My truck is getting a little rusty so my first step is to box the rails with some 1/4 plate on all three sides, replace the rockers, and then new lift.

Rusty's kit seems to be out of favor here, but he told me on the phone he would make a custom lenght long arm kit for my current lift height.

Are there any other options or should I just keep welding up my own while I am welding up the box plates?

A fair ride is important as I hurt my back over there, and was even wondering if I need to go with progresive springs?

Rustys suck, and if you have been measured 3 times in the past summer wouldnt that be the lift height and not the brand of lift? I had the Rough country kit, you get what you pay for

that being said I have Rubicon express and the ride is very smooth, also upgrading your shocks could really change how your rig handles now
I'm not trying to sell you on Rusty's, but they far from suck. I have their long arm suspension and beat it to death. I understand there are problems on this forum with his pan hard bar but even his HD runs very well.
Get OME shocks for a better ride. I have them and love them. Not sure why you need longarms? I'd go with RE's 3.5" lift. It seems to have everything you want and need. It sits higher than 3.5" usually, but probably won't be quite as high as your 4.5" lift so you won't get measure by the popo. The RE leafs are also pretty damn stiff, so you'll have plenty of spring to tow a boat. With the OME shocks, it'll ride very well and you won't need longarms because the front control arms will be at a decent angle.
If you have the money do the long arms. I had long arms at 4.5" of lift back when I had my XJ and it was NICE! RE coils and Bilstein 5100s made it ride nice, so nice in fact that I ordered taller springs and shocks for my MJ. I didnt think the RE leafs where that stiff, they rode a little taller than advertised, but once broken in they rode and flexed very well. Get the RE heavy duty track bar and bracket. Its a very good setup and I have had zero issues in 6 years running it on my XJ and it now its on my MJ.

OME (old man emu) kits have a good reputation for soft riding. But they are very spendy.

X2. If you've got the coin, go OME.

If you're on a budget, consider drop brackets. Made a night n day difference on mine...

There aren't very many good progressive springs.

What you are describing is a desire for an RE 4.5" lift with drop brackets and RE HD trackbar added.

You'll get somewhat soft coils, good geometry with the drop brackets, the rear springs will sit a little high but still take a load while riding ok. You can remove a leaf to lower them down a bit if needed.