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3 Inch Lift Help


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Hey guys,
I am looking for a solid lift for my 2000 Jeep XJ Sport. I currently have 31 in Cooper STT's, and I would like to keep that same size tire, along with the stocker gearing. I am looking for a 3 inch lift, with hopes I do not have to to SYE, as the previous owner already had the jeep lifted when I bought it, but with poor components. I have a thrown together pro's and con's list for each company, but I would like some more advice. I hear poor reviews on Rough Country, however I have not actually used any of their components. I like the Rusty's kit, however shipping is a killing, and it seems like they have sorted out the quality control problems I had read about earlier. The zone lift seems good also, but when I compare it to Rusty's it seems I would get a better deal with the Rusty's kit. I would like a kit with the full rear leaf springs also. My jeep is primarily a hunting rig, it see's light offroad use. I also have plans for front and rear bumpers, with the possibility of a swing out carrier on the back. Do you guys have any other reccomendations, as my mind is boggled the more I read. Thanks:helpme:
I've never run RC (not a fan), nor Rustys(really not a fan), however I really like my Rubicon Express control arms, and all my buddies do too. 2 of my friends run Pro Comp leaf springs in the rear as well, and they ride real nice.

just food for thought, but buying a kit isn't always the best idea, sometimes pieces from a few manufacturers will be nicer, as you can get everyone's best products.
Can not concur enough with Francesco there. In fact, I'm building a 3" lift for my son's 97, and I'm following that advice.
Stay away from the RC and Rustys stuff. For the money there are much better kits out there. OME for ride quality hands down, Zone is decent as RE is good as well. With what you're wanting to do another option is just getting the up country springs, shackle relocation boxes and maybe small lift isolator pads and hacking the fenders. Should net you 1.5-2" of lift and be enough to clear 31's, won't break the bank and will limit the amount of other items you need when going with a lift, i.e track bar, longer brake lines, SYE, shocks, etc.
Budget for the sye kit too, not many get away without one!
For just a little more than RC or Rusty's you can get a Zone kit.
Even at 3 inches you might need a sye and you will beed an adjustable track bar (not a fan of drilling the mount).
Not sure if the zone kit comes with drop brackets for the sway bar or new links.
I've been happy with the BDS stuff and they are in Coldwater, MI, so depending on where you are in Ohio it could be a short trip to pick it up and avoid shipping.
Hey, Serious Offroad- if you have info on the 3" lift, share! I'm looking into one as well.
Shopping with a sponsor is just smart. They usually have better prices than the non sponsors and if they dont they will match
That's right. They take good care of us here.
So it would seem! Time to renew my membership!