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2nd and 3rd Gen Starters


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Does anyone know if XJ starters are compatible between 2nd and 3rd gens? I'm wondering if I can put the one I bought for my '96 into my '98? Thanks!
My guess is that yes they will interchange, but I don't have any evidence to support that.

A comparison of the two, side by side would be one thing to do.

A comparison of part numbers at a parts store or Rock Auto would be another way to check.
I can't remember now if I fitted a later one to my '96 - or used the '96 one for the '99 [& I've swapped a couple of others of unknown (but later than '97) vintage] & all I've found is there are some differences in the solenoid connections, which is no big deal.
I'd also have to check. I know the solenoid connection if different on the 2000. I think it is different on 99-01. I looked on Rock Auto. It gave from 87-98 on the Delco Remy and others. The MOPAR they listed, I think was wrong and for a 99-01 and they listed a WJ. ??
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Napa is good for stuff like this.
Look up the part for either vehicle.
Then scroll down the page and click on the words "Buyer Guide".
This will list all the vehicles that specific part will fit.
Now I don't know if I would trust it completely but betting it is fairly accurate at the very least.
I put one off my 01 parts in my 95, I just had to modify the connections some. Fit and function-wise, they are the same. The one off the 01 seems to turn slower, but it may just be faulty.
X2. I think the later years changed the connection for the solenoid, and some of the new starters have an adapter in the box. As I recall, one of the two mounting bolts on the 4.0l starter was metric and the other SAE?

I believe the same is true about swapping and the connector for the 2.5l starters across the years as well.
It was some years ago now, but pretty sure all I did was change the terminal(s) to suit the replacement starter.

Not even sure that they changed from year to year - & not between manufacturers, which would make getting a new one that was correct quite difficult, because I doubt even the VIN would tell you which starter was fitted.